Knowing Jesus

The Bible says God wants us to be part of his family. This is why he sent Jesus to come and pay the penalty for all the wrong we have done. Good deeds alone will not allow one into God’s family with the reward of eternal life. All you have to do is to say sorry for all the wrongs you have done and accept Jesus as your Saviour from those wrongdoings and Lord over your life. God then will no longer be distant but will become your heavenly Father who will care, love, protect and provide for you.

Now is decision time. Jesus is ready to be your friend, Saviour and Lord. This is an opportunity of a lifetime that will not only change your life for better but your destiny. Make that decision by praying the following: God, I come to you in the name of Jesus. The Bible says if I confess my wrongdoings I will become part of your family. I now confess all my wrongdoings and for living a life displeasing to you. I ask Jesus to come into my life by confessing he is Lord as I believe with all my heart that he died to save me and was raised from death by God. I thank you that I am now part of your family, God, in Jesus Name Amen.

Please contact us and let us know of the decision you just made. We will help you along this new and exciting journey you have just began. Simply complete the form below. Welcome to the family of God.

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